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A L L   A B O U  T   M A C

Hi, thanks for stopping by. Explore some, adventure your way around, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I'm excited you're here! You are now a part of my story, a piece of this adventure.

I am a wife to the sweetest husband, a mom to two little crazy boys, and a health & wellness enthusiast. When I am not behind the camera, one of those things consume my life. If I'm not behind the camera or editing photos, I am trying to keep up with all the boys in my life, reading a book, doing some form of exercise, or drinking coffee. 

What's my favorite thing about photography?

You are, the people. I love this job because of the people that I meet and the new places that I get to go. Wedding photography is only a piece of the business. I love elopement photography, family portraits, newborn and birth photography, even helping small businesses in their marketing as they first get started. 


This website is just a snapshot of a dream that I have had for years now. Photography is more than just another thing I do- it is a passion, a dream come true. Being a wedding photographer is a title I hold very dear. When you put this much sweat into something, you give it your 100%. I show up for my brides, as their wedding photographer, but also as their friend, to hold their hair, pin their veil, hold their lipstick and brush away tears. You can see a few sweet words from past brides on my homepage!

I consider it an honor to be invited into your home or your family, to get to capture the parts of your life that you hold near and dear.


Each client is special to me. You all come in search of something I have the ability to provide. You come from a different background than anyone else I have met before- you have a uniqueness that no else can hold. Your vision will be heard.

My dream shoots consist of: shooting on the west coast (honestly anywhere at this point), a wedding or elopement in Maine, a European wedding (if you give me a reason to travel, I'll go), a NYC engagement, Alaska, this list could go forever!

I have to warn you- I will make you laugh a lot (real or fake, to be determined), I will make you cuddle up next to your person, maybe climb a mountain together, run barefoot on the beach (if that's more your style), and if you give me the chance we will definitely chase after a sunset. I can help you get started in the crazy world that is social media if you are new to owning a business or even revamp your headshots for marketing purposes if that's what you need.  

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