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The Big Day


Believe it or not, this is as much as a dream come true for me as it is for you! Every single bride that clicks on this page is a new friend, unique story, and crazy adventure. I want you to trust that when you hire me as your wedding photographer, you know without a shadow of a doubt that I will give you 100% throughout the entire process. 


There are so many special pieces to a wedding day, my personal favorite starts with the details. As a wedding photographer, I believe the details matter. These are the pieces you picked out to wear and represent one of the biggest moments in your life. Trust me when I say, your wedding day is going to be hectic and you don't always have a lot of time to take note of all the details, that's why I'm here. You are going to love this piece of your album because they are really what make your day unique to you. 


You picked them for a reason! 

Bridal parties can be one of the most fun parts of your day. Wedding photography goes far beyond just photographing the bride & groom. I want you to look back at your wedding photos and love EVERY single one. I will capture your favorite people in the world celebrating you to the best of my ability. There will most likely be a lot of laughter, cheering, and we'll for sure include a group hug. 


You walk in as individuals and out as ONE! The ceremony is why everyone is here and the moment that you say "YES" to forever! As your wedding photographer, I promise to be there for every single moment. From the second people start walking in, to the last person down the aisle, you will look back on your wedding photos and get a play by play of the whole experience- including the tears, the laughs, and the pure joy!


What a wedding photographer dreams of!

Whether you do a first look, first touch, or wait until after the ceremony, every single moment with the two of you is spent photographing your love! I don't come with a set of poses or a certain shot list (unless you give me one). I just want to spend time with the two of you and give you wedding portraits that you will love for the rest of your life. 


AKA The Party, AKA The Real Reason Why Everyone Came To Your Wedding! 

At this point in the day, it's time to throw off your shoes, eat some good food, grab a drink, and enjoy yourself! If you are a dancer, then we're gonna have a blast. If you prefer spending time to hug every guest, then we'll get some of the sweetest pictures with all your guest. No matter how you spend this time, this is when you get to celebrate however YOU want! 


I am here for you until the very end. By now, you won't just be calling me your wedding photographer, but hopefully we will be best of friends!

Sometimes, this is the part that the bride + groom look forward to the most. The choice is all yours- sparklers, flowers, light up balloons, bubbles, you name it! Let's end your wedding day with photographs that show off your excitement, love, and celebration of your new marriage! 

Bonus points if you ride off on a motorcycle or old car, just sayin!

Let's Talk More!

If you like everything you've seen so far, let's talk more about me being your wedding photographer!

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