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Timeless Heirloom Sessions

If being a mom has taught me anything, it's that I cannot take a single moment for granted. I never truly understood what people meant when they said that "time is a thief" until having babies. You blink and they are little teenagers that are forming opinions and trying to navigate the big world they just entered into.

When I decided to take on Timeless Heirloom Sessions, it was out of the desire that a mom could be in a season of parenting that she just absolutely adores or a season that she is dead convinced she won't make it another day and I could just freeze it in time for her. Both seasons are real seasons of parenting. For the mom that adores the season, she can look back at these photos and remember the sweetness and joy that came with it. For the mom that is struggling to make it day to day, she can still freeze the moment and it serves as a reminder to look for the good in every season. The hard ones don't last forever and if we spend wishing every moment of parenthood away, it will be over and gone before we know it.

"Babies don't keep." That was another saying I would hear and never really understand the full depth of what other parents were trying to tell me. If you focus only on the restless nights and never ending need babies have for you, you'll miss the fact that that baby will never need you in the same way ever again. Every day, children grow in their independence and self-sufficiency until they are no longer under your roof. For some, that day comes faster than others, but for most, it comes all the same. And when it does, these heirloom portraits will be a reminder of what once was and a sweet reminder that although time is a thief and your baby didn't keep, thank goodness you took a second to freeze it in time.


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