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All Your Questions Answered! *Family Session Style*

It's a safe space here, so let's all be honest with each other- family sessions can be a ton of work! We all love when we get them done, but gosh, it takes a lot of time, energy, and often times money! More often than not, it stresses everyone out to prep for the session and that's before we even arrive. I get it- I have 2 little boys.

My hope is that we can have a conversation around ALL the questions that I get when it comes to photographing families that will allow you to be more excited for the session and more likely to just book it! (Because we all know it's worth it!)

Family Photograph during a mini session in Greenville SC

Question 1: What is a mini session? Is it better than doing a full session?

Photographers talk about these two types of family sessions all the time! I've learned that more often than not, people just don't know the difference between the two! Ultimately, It really comes down to what you are looking for!

Mini Session: It's a quick session (seriously, under 20 minutes is the best!). Often times, it is a very affordable option because it is shorter. You receive anywhere from 15-40 photos back and the photos are often a good variety of poses to choose from.

Full Family Session: Full Family Photos often take upwards of an hour in time and are a full priced session. Depending on how many people you have in the family, you will do quite a few different poses, get updated individual photos of each kids, parents will get to update their photos together, and you can really take your time with these. Families like to include their pets as well sometimes!

Mom and Me session in Greenville SC- Family Photoghaphy

Question 2: What do I wear to a Family Session? How do I make sure everyone's outfits match?

One of my top asked questions! You would hate to put all the effort in of booking a session and then no one match in the photos. I have put together Pinterest boards for all of my clients to help organize outfits. There are several different options depending on your style and it really helps to nail down color schemes! When you book a session with me, I am more than happy to help you coordinate outfits as well! I have a lot of clients that send me photos beforehand to make sure all of the outfits will photograph well!

Family Photographer, Newborn Photographer, Greenville SC Photographer

Question 3: Will you help pose us? I always feel awkward in photos!

Believe it or not, most people are not naturally good at posing for photos on their own! When you look through my website or galleries, it's easy to start thinking "wow, these people look great, but there is no way that I will look like that, I just feel awkward in photos". IT'S NOT TRUE!!

A big part of choosing a photographer, is picking someone that can make you feel comfortable in front of the camera! Throughout the entire session, I will pose you, direct you, and give you cues that will help you look natural, genuinely happy, and comfortable. Part of the photography process is trusting the photographer you have chosen! This is a HUGE reason why photography should be an investment for you. Be willing to pay for the professional experience, it goes a long way!

Family Photographer in Greenville SC, Greenville SC Photographer

Question 4: How do you pick out locations for sessions?

This is also a great question that I get all the time. Locations do make a huge difference and will often vary based on how many people are a part of your session, the ages of kids in the photos, how far you are willing to drive, the time of day, as well as your style!

The best answer is that location is really based on what you want! For mini sessions, a lot of times I am going to a central location where I can do several sessions on that day. That could be The Rock Quarry Gardens or Falls Park in Downtown Greenville, it could be a Christmas Tree Farm, or even an indoor studio like The White Wall Studios at the Taylors Mill.

For full family sessions, we could go to a family farm, a large city park, the beach, the lake, or even a mountain top!

All in all, we decide the location in the booking process and I promise, there is a location to fit your vision!

Lifestyle Photographer in Greenville SC, Family Photographer, Greenville SC Photographer

Question 5: How often do families get photos done?

Probably not often enough!

With cell phone cameras being able to take such good photos now, families will often pass on doing a formal session. Let me make a case for why I think getting photos done once a year or AT LEAST every other year is so important...

- Your kids will never be this age again. It's worth getting professional photos to photograph your family in every stage!

- Jumping into mini sessions is an easy way to not break the bank over photos and still gives your more than enough quality photos to update the wall gallery at home and send out as a Christmas card!

- Family Photo Sessions make the BEST gifts for moms, grandparents, and extended family! You could either gift a session OR frame the photos to give as gifts. There are so many options that moms and grandparents especially will LOVE!

Well, if you made it this far, it's time to book a session!! :)

But seriously, I hope these FAQs are helpful and make you excited to get your family in front of my camera! I truly love working with families because it is such a sweet way to make this season of life last a little longer!

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