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Brunch Weddings

Most people are immediately going to scroll past this post simply because it says "Brunch" but like I tell all of my clients, YOU HAVE TO TRUST ME. Stay with me for about 3-5 minutes and I think you'll see where I'm coming from.

Along with the 100 weddings that I have shot, been in, or attended comes the most stressful decision- ceremony time. Hear me out- if you are looking for a very formal, black-tie affair, this is probably not for you. BUT if you are picturing a relaxed, casual, and very fun atmosphere for your wedding, brunch time may be the way to go. I mean you are getting married by 11 AM and you are out of there by about 4 PM- that's not a bad way to go!

Here is a real brunch wedding example that went off without a hitch.

Due to the fact that the ceremony was at 10AM, there were so many sweet touches to the day that made for an intimate + intentional wedding day. Starting with the detail pictures being during sunrise. The dress was backlit with the most beautiful tree lights and the soft lighting made a perfect contrast.

Next, because the ceremony started earlier, there wasn't enough time for everyone to panic too much. The girls started getting ready at 5:30AM but by the time the sun came out, there wasn't too much time to stress before the photographer is taking pictures of everyone. The timeline was smooth and carefree, which gave for a happy bride + groom and the bridal party was in the best of spirits. We were able to get all of the pictures out of the way before the ceremony so the bridal party was free to mingle afterwards and no one needed to stress about what was next.

Now, there was a first look on this day, but in the case that you didn't want a first look, a brunch wedding is perfect because it guarantees that you will have all the sunlight left after the ceremony so pictures will not be a concern at all. (Your wedding photographer will thank you later :) )

For Garrison + Ali, doing a first look meant they got to hang out together for most of the day, all of the nerves were completely gone and they could enjoy every second, and lastly they got to spend 30 minutes after the ceremony just the two of them finishing up their portraits. There was ample amount of day light for both sets of pictures, they were never having to rush through any of their portraits due to light and they got to enjoy their time together.

*Disclaimer- there is not one way to go about your wedding day. Every wedding is unique to the two people who are getting married. Whether you do a first look or not should not be decision that stresses you out, do what you guys want to do. There are pros and cons to both sides of this debate!

Okay so setting up the ceremony time is the biggest component to a wedding earlier in the day but let's talk about the reception for a sec!

** Sidenote: There is not one way to do a brunch wedding. For example, you can do an early ceremony, immediately transition to food + reception, and then you are out of there by 4. OR brunch weddings can also be a perfect option for a bride and groom that want to do a small, intimate ceremony at a small location with just their closest friends and family then later that night do a huge blow out reception with everyone they know. There are so many options here and nothing is out of question.

Back to the real wedding example...

Wedding food can be so expensive and I think a lot of times brides and grooms get afraid to stray from the norm. so, even if you aren't doing a bunch wedding, remember that good food goes a long way with your guests. It is the one thing that almost every wedding guest will participate in.

With that being said- can I just say that breakfast anytime of the day is a huge win?! Let me just tell ya though, your wedding guests will LOVE you if you break away from typical wedding food and give them real homey food to eat! That's exactly what happened on Ali + Garrison's day! They had a hot chocolate cart, various breakfast foods, a coffee bar, and so many yummy pastries! This is not a way to make things cheaper and cut corners with money either- you can fancy things up like they did and add in beautiful china to eat from, adorable tea cups, and create a beautiful spread of food that everyone actually enjoys!

On that note- can we just take a minute to admire the fact that the groom's cake was a bunch of CINNAMON ROLLS??!! Ya can't pull that off as easy when your wedding isn't at brunch time!

Next, if you are worried about the atmosphere of the dance floor because of it being day light outside well, that's on you and your guests. Garrison and Ali's friends pulled through and brought all of the energy and exciting of any other wedding. They proved to me that it can be any time of day and that wouldn't change the party atmosphere! You may have to lose the disco ball and DJ lights, but you can definitely still dance and sing!

Bride + Groom: Reception

Last but not least- brunch weddings are perfect for brides + grooms who want to leave for their honeymoon on their wedding day. You are still leaving when the sun is up! Whether you are driving to the mountains for the weekend or flying to the Caribbean, this will give you time to get where you are going and not be taking the red eye or driving through the night to get there!

Brunch weddings are the best if you ask me, but like I always say- do what's best for you! If brunch is the way to go, I'm all about it. If you prefer 6:30 PM, then I'm here for it too!

Way to go, Garrison + Ali, you pulled off one heck of a wedding!

Venue: Aurora Farms Taylors SC

Photographer: Mac Jones Photography

Florist: Carissa Grace

Bride's Dress: The Poinsett Bride Greenville SC

Bridesmaids: Azazie

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