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Your Totally Crazy, Unique, Stand-Out Moment

Weddings are happening every single weekend, 52 weeks a year, year after year. Just like in any other area of life, the wedding industry comes with a thousand different fads that last a little while before another one comes along. Normally, it's by seasons- spring wedding season will consist of a trend that gets overused and boring by the time fall wedding season comes around. I know- it is completely exhausting to keep up with, especially when you are trying to plan a wedding that you want everyone to enjoy.

Here's my advice that you can take or leave. I see about 30+ weddings a year, some I play photographer, some I am the planner, sometimes I make an appearance as a bridesmaid, and very seldom do I get to attend as a guest. The point is, I see so many different ideas, trends, whatever you want to call it and the most memorable of them all is when a bride + groom do something completely crazy, totally out of the ordinary, but 100% just like that couple.

It's not the color of flowers, although flowers really help pull a wedding style together. It's not the bridesmaid dresses because let's be honest- most of the time guests don't even pay attention to that. Typically it's not the food- unless of course, your "totally crazy, out of the ordinary" is the food, in which case guests will talk about for years to come. Venues themselves are a big deal but lots of weddings have probably happened before you and will continue after you're married so really they aren't the show stopper.

What are the totally crazy, unique, show stoppers then?

Take Hayley and Eric Brown for example.

The Brown's got married in October of 2019. They had a sweet ceremony with all of their friends and family. The backdrop was a beautiful golf course located in Charlotte, NC. The day was smooth and pretty low key, just like you want your wedding day to be. There were moments we thought it might rain, but it held off and everything went off without a hitch. They had an intimate first look and were able to spend time together before their ceremony started so they didn't miss a beat when it came to their reception.

Hayley and Eric had a formal sit down dinner that was absolutely immaculate. From the centerpieces to the silverware to the food- everything was perfect. This gave the couple time to enjoy their dinner as well as give all of the guests enough time to eat and socialize a little bit before the loud music started.

Then, after dances and toasts, it was finally time to party. As a wedding photographer, this is one of my favorite parts of the day because everyone takes a deep breath and starts to have a whole lot of fun. Anything that may have been nerve racking or gone wrong is forgotten about and it turns into a whole venue full of dancing and singing.

About an hour has passed into dancing when an iconic, "Sandstorm" begins to play. (For all of you not from the south- that is The University of South Carolina's football team's intro song.) When that came on at 9 PM, Hayley and Eric began passing out rally towels that had their names and wedding day info written on it.


I love when couples will do something like this that is so thoughtful but also reflects something that they love. It gave their guests something to focus on and talk about for a little bit and it made for some of the best pictures.

Now- I have to brag on Hayley's dad for a second. He went above and beyond on this rally towel thing and without the couple having any idea- had the University of South Carolina's mascot show up to the wedding as well. RIGHT as the rally towels were being handed out and the climax of the song began- "Cocky" came running into the room to not only surprise the guests but you would not believe the joy that Hayley + Eric had when they found out the biggest surprise of the night was actually a surprise for them!

What a fun way to have a totally crazy, unique, stand-out moment at your wedding!!

It doesn't have to be as crazy as a school mascot showing up to your reception, but there are so many ways to entertain your guests while making your wedding memorable.

Here are a few other examples I have seen:

- polaroid cameras being passed out at the reception

- food trucks for dinner food

- glow sticks passed out in the last hour of dancing

- a flash mob dance with your bridal party

- taco bell passed out to sober up all of the guests

If you're reading this and have already gotten married- what was your stand-out moment of the day?

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